Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tip to Nelliyampathy - Poor Man's Ooty....

           Nelliampathi is a popular hill station 60 km away from Palakkad in Kerala a small state in south India. It is surrounded by tea and coffee plantations and has excellent weather conditions. The journey to Nelliampathi itself is an experience. The only route is from Nemmara, from where the first town of Nelliampathi, namely Kaikatty junction, is at a distance of 26 km. At the 9th kilometer is the Pothundi Dam, a small irrigation dam which provides water for the rice fields in the surrounding area. The dam is at the foot of the Nelliampathi hills. From here, the road winds up for the next 17 km, with many hairpin turns on the way. Immediately after Pothundy dam, comes the government forest, where one can see massive teak trees. The road is very narrow and requires a skilled driver behind the wheel. On the way, one can see wild animals like monkey, deer and porcupine. The view of the Pothundy dam from the height is a breathtaking sight. There will be many waterfalls by the roadside during the rainy season.

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Route Map from Palakkad, Kerala:
Route Map

Such a lovely tree On the way near view point

Pothundi Dam- view from the hill

Pothundi Dam- another scenic view from the hill

Pothundi Dam- in the evening

Calm and traffic free Road to Nelliyampathy

As usual KTDC sign boards

You can see nelliyampathy hills

usual village pond at Nemmara

Forest check post starts here- nelliyampathy is a eco tourism sport

Another view of Pothundy irrigation dam

On top of Kesavan para or Kesavan Rock(Aparichithan movie location)

Poabs estate-they produce organic tea

Poabs estate outlet and tea shop near Seetharkundu

AVT manalroo estate on the side of Poabs

Early morning snap.

Misty nelliyampathy hills(Aparichithan movie location)

Long view of pothundy dam from Kesavan para(Aparichithan movie location)

This tree is famous in nelliyampathy

Such a lovely palakkadan valley view from Seetharkundu view point

Seetharkundu view point

A small pond at Kesavan Para(Aparichithan movie location)

Videos from KTDC:


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