Monday, October 4, 2010

Kulakkunnel Dharmasastha temple

Kulakkunnel Dharmasastha temple

Mekkappala junction is situated 15 Kms. from Perumabvoor. Kulakkunnel Dharma Sastha Temple is very near to it just about 1 Kms. This temple situates in the midst of forest on the top of a hill called Kulakkunnel Mala. Ayyapan is the diety there. Ulsavam being celebrated on Makaravilakku. Kulakkunnel Dharmasastha temple. About 4 Kms from Payyal Junction and 17 Kms. from Perumbavoor in Ernakulam District.

We have to climb a hill all the way through eucalyptus forest

Sree with his king Bullet

Sign board showing way to temple

Evening valley view from the hill

The one behind is the new temple under construction

Kulakkunnel Dharmasastha temple

New one under construction

panoramic view in my cell

Way to hill

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