Monday, September 5, 2011

Trip to KARACHOORI, Nelliyampathy

Trip to KARACHOORI, Nelliyampathy
Route Map (palakkad-Koduvayur-Nemmara-Pothundy Dam- Nelliyampathy)

Karachoori, mallus knows this place well. This place is well known because of malayalam movie Bramaram, Lalettan drove a 4 wheel jeep named "Sreelakshmi" all the way through this place. This is such a nice place for jeep ride. Only 4 wheel drive can climb the hill. Other place called Mampara peak will open soon for tourists.
If you really wishh to visit this place please contact the below person, a friend of mine. He will arrange 4WD jeep for you.
Shamsu: 09495035810
Nelliyampathy Check post

The only and one Orange and Passion fruit farm running by Kerala Agriculture department.
A small temple near view point on hill roads
This is not a official waterfall but enough to enjoy.
A small nice pool formed near the waterfall

Jeep Starting from townDense forests

Terrible roads
Better find a seat on top of Jeep
You gonna feel like traveling in a roller coaster
Shareefkka, my friend Shamsus brother and in back you can see Sreelakshmi Jeep (Bramaram fame)

Sreelakshmi Jeep (Bramaram fame)- Lalettan drove this jeep in movie Bramaram
On top of Karachoori Peak
My team mates

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