Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Avalanche - Lakkidi Eco Tour by Forest Department

Avalanche - Lakkidi Eco Tour by Forest Department:

Lakkidi is backwaters of UpperBavani Dam, only way to visit the location is to choose the Avalanche - Lakkidi Eco Tour conducted by TamilNadu Forest Department, they ran 3 traveler and few Sumo Kind of jeeps.

Charge per head - 150/( as of Jan 2015)

Approximately take 2 to 2.30 half hours to cover the entire trip, you can see 3 spots on the way
1. Shoal Forest
2. Bavani River Origin(Temple as well)
3. Lakkidi (Upper Bhavani Backwater)
4. Pine Forest @ Lakkidi

You know something:

Water in Bavani Sagar Dam located in Sathyamangalam is actually originated from this place. You might be wondering the water route

Nilgiris-Upper Bavani-Silent Valley- Attapady-Mulli-Pillor Dam-MettuPlayam-Bavani Sagar Dam


Rajkumar said...

for this Eco Tour, do we need any prior permission or advance booking?

Or just we can go to Avalanche and avail this?

Naveen said...

You dont need any prior permission

Rajkumar said...

thank you. :)
what about timings?
the trips available whole day?

Swathi said...

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Ashwin said...

Avalanche - Lakkidi Eco Tour is an awesome place to visit. I heard a lot about this place, but haven't visited this place. Thanks for sharing about this place.This blog helps people to plan for trips. If anyone wants to travel, then book bus tickets in advance to get bus ticket offers.