Sunday, January 18, 2015

Glenmorgan -kallatty ghat -Ooty

This is a recent trip, we just thought of having some fun not concentrated on any place.
But for a change we deviated from Thalikundha after Kallatty ghat to Glenmoragan. There are many place in Nilgiris which we usually don't prefer but they are worth watching.

At 25 km North west of Ooty is situated Glenmorgan which was then very famous for the Tea estate. The Glenmorgan tea estate is one of the oldest estate of the place and it was there even before the Pykara Hydro Electricity scheme was taken up for execution. The beautiful lake at the foot of this estate constitutes the fore bay for the Pykara power house which is above 3 km down the hill at Singara. The Pykara power plant is the highest plant so far installed in the whole of Asia and is situated at a height of 938.78 meters. There is a haulage way (Mechanical Rope Way) leading to the power house and it takes nearly one hour to go by the trolley from the Glenmorgan head works to the power house at Singara. Glenmorgan and Singara are of great importance to the tourist as delightful picnic spots. The view from the point above the rest house at Glenmorgan is panoramic.

Route Map From Ooty:

Sigur Ghat-Kalhatti Ghat (State Highway 67)

This is also known as Kalhatti Ghat (or simply 'Steep Ghat'). There is a short-cut branch off the Gudalur ghat at Theppakadu in Mudumalai. This route saves approx. 30 km on the standard Gudalur route, though it is by far the steeper route and is generally limited to short wheel-base vehicles. It has 36 hairpin bends.

If you are a passionate driver you love this route, its really challenging for an expert driver, Novice drivers don't opt this route, you will definitly end up with an accident.

Note: This route is closed overnight and most of the time this is one way, Mostly closed from Thalakundha to Masinagudi.


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Shamik Sen said...

Hey Naveen,
This blog spot is truly refreshing with an attractive backdrop. It has become my personal favorite since I’m a native occupant of Ooty. My recent trip to the Glenmorgan Tea Plantations was a memorable one and my son had a good time. Thank you for sharing your experience and bringing into light nature’s gift bestowed on the “Queen of Hills”.

Pawan Patil said...

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Anoop Bharadwaj said...

Hello Naveen,
Thanks for bringing out the hidden gems that not many visit when they go to Ooty….reading your blog I have decided to visit Glenmorgan estate and waiting to enjoy the ropeway ride to the Pykara power station! Most times we end up in the busy spots of Ooty and the fun is less since it is horded with tourists …thanks for sharing your pics too!

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